5 Uses of medical cannabis

You will be surprised to know that cannabis contains more than 400 chemicals. Though it has some potential benefits on body and mind, it is also harmful to the health. Still, cannabis is widely used to treat disease. It is often considered as an alternative healing. Here are the common uses of medical cannabis.

Relax muscle tension and spasm

Cannabis is effective in releasing muscle tension. If you have multiple sclerosis, then cannabis will be very helpful. Your muscle stiffness will reduce and there will be less occurrence of muscle spasm.

Relief pain

If you are suffering from chronic pain then cannabis can help to relieve your pain. If you are suffering from neuropathic pain caused due to spinal injury, alcoholism or HIV, then cannabis can relieve your pain.

Reduce conditions of insomnia

Lack of sleep is a major problem for many people today. Cannabis can make you feel relaxed. It can relieve anxiety, giving you a good night’s sleep.

Stimulate appetite

People may have loss of appetite for several reasons. This may have an adverse effect on the body. Cannabis can stimulate your appetite and you will start eating again.

Stop nausea and vomiting tendencies

Cannabis can ease the symptoms of nausea. Patients getting chemotherapy often have vomiting tendency. If they are given cannabis-based drugs, they will feel better.

Cannabis is still a subject of research. The researchers are trying to find more medical uses of cannabis. Before you take any cannabis-based drug, you must consult a doctor and learn about its side effects.…

3 Harmful effects of smoking marijuana

We get marijuana from the dried parts of the cannabis plant. It is often referred to as ‘weed’. You can smoke it or use it as an ingredient in food or drink. The effect of marijuana on the body depends on how you consume it. When you smoke, it is quickly released into the bloodstream. But when you eat it, the drug takes a longer time to reach the bloodstream and hence the different organs of the body. Long-term consumption of marijuana has several side effects. These are discussed below.


Smoking marijuana can cause the heart rate to increase. It can cause hypertension and increased blood pressure as well. Long-term consumption of marijuana may lead to high cholesterol or heart problem.


Marijuana can reduce your IQ level; you may find it hard to remember things. It can affect your memory if you consume too much marijuana. It can make schizophrenia and other mental disorders worse. Acute anxiety and paranoia are side effects of marijuana. People often have suicidal thoughts when they get addicted to marijuana.

Respiratory disease

Cannabis has been linked to respiratory disease. It can worsen your asthma. Smoking too much cannabis can also contribute to lung cancer.

Though marijuana has been legalized in many places, you should not get addicted to it. It may pose serious health risks. Besides feeling depressed, you may suffer from severe diseases. So, limit your consumption of marijuana and lead a healthy life.…

4 Ways you can smoke cannabis

The use of cannabis for medicinal and recreational purposes is increasing. The cannabis business is legal in many parts of the world. Though it’s popularity is increasing, people know very little about it. Cannabis can be consumed in different ways.


It is the most common way of consuming cannabis. You just need to roll some dried marijuana flower in a paper. People gather together and pass around weed among each other. They enjoy smoking cannabis together this way. There are various glassware and other things available to make the smoking experience better. People often smoke marijuana from bong, pipe or bubbler.

Vaping cannabis oil

Vaping is a popular method of smoking cannabis. The concentrates that are used in vaping are in oil form. This way of smoking cannabis doesn’t produce any weed smells. Vape pens and various hand-held devices are available in the market for smoking cannabis. These are convenient to use and they are portable as well. You can also get flavorful vape cartridges. The oil form of marijuana doesn’t contain tars. So, there is no harmful effect on health.

Cannabis-infused edibles

Cannabis can be used in cooking and then eaten. You don’t only ingest dried marijuana flowers. The THC is extracted first from the flowers and then used in food. You can also drink cannabis. The oil form of cannabis can be added to any beverage and consumed.


It is the process by which cannabis concentrates are rapidly sublimated and then the vapor is inhaled. It contains 90% THC and so produces highs that are not possible with other ways of consuming cannabis.

Whichever method of consuming cannabis you choose, you have to know how to consume it properly. You can use the various devices that are available to make the experience more pleasurable.…